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Alexi Lalas says mid-tantrum that he doesn’t want to see good defending in MLS

Aug. 1 was an incredibly dark day for me personally. On that day I happened to agree with an opinion from Alexi Lalas. His thoughts on the United States women’s national team’s 0-0 draw with Portugal matched mine.

I thought that day might be the start of my downfall. Surely, I wouldn’t become a Lalas fan, right?

Thankfully it was a one-time fluke because Lalas is back to spewing verbal sewage from his mouth on television.

One of his latest takes came in response to Lionel Messi’s dominant performance vs. FC Dallas

Alexi Lalas defenders rant

“I don’t give a crap if defenders are good. I want to see goals,” Lalas, a former defender, said.

Lalas seems to be in the boat of “make MLS sexy again” which is just a bizarre stance. I think fans just want it to be an all-around good league. The league would never be taken seriously if there weren’t good defenders.

If Lalas really wants goals then maybe we should just get rid of the goalkeepers. Will that be sexy enough for you Lalas?

The great people of Twitter — I’ll die before I refer to it as “X” — agreed that Lalas was talking nonsense.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even the biggest feces-storm that the FOX Soccer commentator started this week. He tweeted about the USWNT being polarizing and risk becoming irrelevant, and man did that get people worked up.

If you’ve got nothing to do for 20 minutes, then just go through the replies and quotes of his tweet. I’ll link some of the good responses for you.

I'd say I wish Lalas would never talk again, but then what would I have to write about??

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