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Aaron Ramsdale can’t keep straight face talking about Matt Turner’s ‘Americanisms’

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale says that USMNT and back-up Gunners keeper Matt Turner is the funniest guy on the team. Turner is “unintentionally” funny Ramsdale said.

During an interview that looked like a lie detector test, Ramsdale was asked if he was the funniest player on the Arsenal squad. To the surprise of the interviewer Ramsdale quickly said no.

The English goalkeeper went on to explain that he thinks his fellow shot-stopper Turner is the most humorous because of his ‘Americanisms.’

Ramsdale shared a story from Arsenal’s FA Cup clash with Manchester City on Jan. 27 when Turner talked to Kevin de Bruyne while the Belgian was complaining to the referee. He could hardly keep a straight face as he told the story.

Aaron Ramsdale Matt Turner story

Something about Turner saying "relax dog, it’s a dogfight out there" broke Ramsdale. 

The official USMNT Twitter account responded to the video and couldn’t help but have some fun.

There’s something about American players using the word ‘dog’ that cracks Brits up. Clint Dempsey’s iconic “you don’t know where I’m from dog” line to Micah Richards still lives on all these years later.

We’d be shocked if Leeds and USMNT defender Tyler Adams hasn’t said the word ‘dog’ at least once this season.

What can we say? American players just have that dog in them.

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