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Welcome To The Largest Soccer Gaming Event In History

Count me among the many who were disappointed when FIFA announced that the 2022 World Cup would be moved to wintertime. What is a summer without a World Cup? Fear not. Not all hope for nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat action is lost. While soccer fans will still have to wait until November for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, there are festivities this July of a different nature. July 13 marks the beginning of the first-ever FIFAe Finals, the largest event ever hosted in FIFAe history. By all accounts, it will be a spectacle to behold. 

What are the FIFAe Finals?

The FIFAe Finals are actually a series of three FIFA tournaments, all hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark. First is the FIFAe World Cup, an individual tournament of the top ranked FIFA players in the world. Players qualify by reaching the “elite” ranking in FUT Division Rivals and then by winning regional qualifying tournaments. Anyone who has played FIFA Ultimate Team knows that it’s a grueling process, and these qualified players are truly the best of the best. One to watch is Mexico’s Ariel Moreno, who recently took home the FIFAe Player of the Month Award. 

Following the individual event are two team play tournaments, FIFAe Club World Cup and the FIFAe Nations League. Both tournaments use a 2v2 format, where players team up based on their eSports club or international affiliation, respectively. 

While the FIFA video game as we know it may not be around much longer, large in person events such as this one may be the future of online gaming. Between the three tournaments, there is $1.2 million up for grabs, so it’s safe to say the stakes are high. The events will be streamed on TwitchFacebook and the FIFAe Website

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