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The 10 Types Of Players You Will Encounter At Indoor Soccer

As the sun warms the mid-March air, and fields everywhere begin to bustle with activity, it is a sure-fire sign that the indoor soccer season is coming to a close.

In a few weeks, the snow we be completely melted, the fields will be dry and outdoor soccer will once again flourish for the spring, summer and fall months.

For many of us in northern states, indoor facilities allow us to play soccer during the half of the year when the weather makes outdoor activities futile.

Indoor soccer brings together a fascinating conglomerate of players from a variety of footballing backgrounds. It is a time to reflect on the past year and focus on ways to improve for the next season.

This past season of indoor was my first in a few years, and it allowed me to observe the types of players I was competing alongside. Here are a few that resonated the strongest:

The 10 Types Of Indoor Soccer Players

The Speed Demon

Soccer might not have been their primary sport growing up, but this player is a problem on the pitch. A master of the touch-and-go and the self-wall pass, this player is a one-person counterattack who can take on three defenders at once — and often win. Technical skills and finishing aren't their forte, so give them space and hope they make a mistake.

The Low-Key College Baller

Nonchalance personified, they jog onto the pitch, do a few high knees and butt kicks and then absolutely dominate. Casual inch-perfect through balls, perfectly timed interceptions and cool finishes are the norm for this player — all of which are achieved while barely breaking a sweat. The trademark though is successfully dribbling out of precarious situations, namely getting past three players on the opposing team after winning the ball in their own penalty area.

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The Workhorse

The opposite of the low-key college baller, this player only knows two speeds: fast and faster. Their limbs move at a frightening rate and their game is marked by frequent aggressive changes of direction. When on defense, this player will hound you until they win the ball or, if you're lucky enough, you play it elsewhere. While a rare type, a team full of workhorses is nearly impossible to defeat.

The Midfield Maestro

Not really a true defender, this player drops back and fulfills the role of deep-lying playmaker. They are constantly recycling possession and cleaning up potential counterattacks when necessary, doing all the things that don't show up on the stat sheet. This player loses the ball so rarely that when it happens, you have to pinch yourself and question if it really occurred. 

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The Chunky Dude With Great Footskills

He may have put on a few pounds since his college days, but this guy can still do just about whatever he wants within a five-yard radius. He's a valuable early-game weapon that can still summon a quick burst of speed when needed. And make sure you don't give him space to shoot.

The Missile Launcher

Stats have shown that the best way to win over the approval of a new team is a block a shot from one of these guys. To borrow from the old baseball cliché: The ball just sounds different coming off their foot. The missile launcher will shoot from anywhere in the attacking half and will do so with fearsome power. As a goalkeeper, all you can hope is that this guy misses, has his shot blocked or hits it right at you — otherwise, you'll be picking the ball out of your net.

The Body-Checker

If you ever find yourself between this player and the wall, just know that you will quickly become acquainted with both. The body-checker is usually a defender, occasionally an attacker and always looking to put a shoulder in on you or grab your jersey. No player on the team commits more fouls, but this player rarely gets beaten either. Plus, they will always have your back when the game starts to get out of hand.

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The One That Never Shoots

This player picks up the ball on the edge of the penalty area, feints past one defender, cuts inside, fakes a shot once, twice, three times, cuts the other way, pulls back ... and passes the ball off. During this stretch, they spurned three open shooting opportunities from within 12 yards while also managing to ignore three teammates in better positions.

The Really Aggressive Woman

Perhaps the rarest type of indoor soccer player, playing against her is the equivalent of facing off against a wolverine or honey badger — a reclusive beast that only rarely leaves its den, but when it does, it is on the hunt for blood. She is usually short in stature, but your best course of action is to just keep your distance.

The Keeper

A veritable brick wall, a good keeper can make or break an indoor team. They are the anchor that creates a sense of trust and belief amongst the players. A squad without a true No. 1 might as well start the game in a two-goal hole, as the rest of the team constantly worries about conceding. A great keeper seemingly covers the whole goal and always puts their body on the line for the team. They leave the opposition in frustration and awe as the ball always ends up safely in their grasp.

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