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All Time Soccer Records: Longest Goal Ever Scored

Keeper Asmir Begovic holds the record for the longest goal, a whopping 100.5 yards.

The longest goal ever scored in soccer history is official business — it’s a record that’s been tried, tested and verified by the Guinness Book of World Records, so there’s no denying the sheer gigantism of the effort. 

Our story begins, as most good stories do, on a cold, windswept afternoon in Stoke. It’s November 2, 2013, and the Potters are playing host to Southampton in an English Premier League fixture. 

In goal for Stoke City is Bosnian Asmir Begovic; he’s the hero of our story. The match kicks off with Southampton trying to spring an immediate attack on Stoke, but the ball is ushered back to Begovic. The keeper smashes a first-time clearance back up the pitch, and this is where the blustery elements inside the Britannia Stadium come into play.

Begovic’s lump lands about 25 yards out from Southampton’s goal, but the effort gets a second wind on the bounce and dramatically floats over the head of Saints keeper Artur Boruc. 

13 seconds into the match, Stoke have a 1-0 lead thanks to its goalkeeper. In all, the goal travelled 100.5 yards, earning it the accolade in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

“I feel amazing to be honored in this way and as a goalkeeper I didn’t expect this to happen, not for this type of record anyway,” Begovic said. “I will take it though and enjoy it.”

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