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This Howler Is A Ghost That Will Chase Raúl Gudiño For The Rest Of His Life

After a five-minute burst of fútbol champagne against Mazatlán a week ago, Chivas' fans felt their team was the best in the entire universe. Dreams were big. A title on the horizon? For sure. But a couple of nights ago, the balloons of hope popped, putting the Chivahermanos in misery mode again.

Pachuca was the team delivering the reality check with a 2-1 victory.

The Tuzos were way better during the first half, scoring both goals in that period. Víctor Guzmán opened the tab with a sweet right-foot touch, and then ... the horror, the goal that we have to talk about, the goal that now is the ghost that will chase Raúl Gudiño for the rest of his career.

What was he thinking about? 

Raúl Gudiño's Blunder vs Pachuca

Chivas' goalkeeper was having a decent game, but then a pass from Gilberto Sepúlveda ruined his night. It seemed to be a no-risk pass, but Gudiño couldn't control the ball.

What a shocking own goal. 

It is true. There was a weird bounce that boycotted Gudiño's effort. A big-head ant, a mole checking the weather on the surface, a smart-cheating system developed by Pachuca? Who knows what provoked it, but I still think he could have done a little better. 

In my head, I want to believe he was distracted, remembering the time he played the Champions League anthem during his wedding. At any rate, not the best weekend for goalkeepers

Ángel Zaldívar tried to heal Chivas' wounds in the second half, but his goal wasn't enough. The Rebaño Sagrado got its first defeat of the season, and Gudiño will have a memory that would be impossible to forget. 

Pachuca vs Chivas Highlights

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