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Alex Morgan’s Tackle Could Have Been Lethal. The Ref Still Awarded Her A Penalty.

I want to believe in the integrity of the game. I really do. I want to believe that players go out every game with the intention of winning, that managers select players with the same intention, and that referees call a fair game. Sadly I know that this is not always the case, that across the world there have been numerous confirmed instances of bribery, match-fixing, and general corrupt behavior on and off the field. But this, this is on a whole different level. You are about to watch what might be the worst referee decision ever.

In the 18th minute of USA vs Trinidad and Tobago last Thursday, Alex Morgan attempted to get on the end of a lofted long ball when she did this to T&T keeper Kimika Forbes.  


As you can see, Morgan wasn’t just not punished, she was awarded a penalty, which Carli Lloyd converted.

The referee had a clear, unobstructed look at Alex Morgan putting her foot damn near through the chest of Forbes, and she still got the call stunningly wrong. There are only two ways that happens, she is just blindingly incompetent, or someone gave her some sort of incentive to favor the USWNT or Alex Morgan when making calls. 

worst referee decision

Is she blind? Photo: YouTube

Morgan’s tackle literally could have killed Forbes. Back in May of 2014, an Indonesian Premier League keeper came off his line to deal with a shot he had failed to handle, in the ensuing 50/50 challenge with an on-rushing forward he stuck his leg out and caught the forward in the stomach. The forward “suffered bladder leakage,” and died from internal injuries a few days after the match. That keeper’s tackle wasn’t half as violent as Morgan’s.

Thankfully Forbes did not suffer serious injury.

Morgan should be suspended, and that referee should be investigated, if not for corruption, then for her unbelievable incompetence at her job. Who the f*** let this woman onto the field when she’s capable of making a call like that? It’s a disgrace to the game in general. People have put in too much work elevating the women’s game for it to be dragged through the mud like this.

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