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A USWNT Olympic Boycott Is Still On The Table

The USWNT probably won't boycott the Rio Olympics. If they're willing to brave the horrors of the Zika Virus for a shiny gold medal, the wage gap likely won't deter them either.

But it might.

In an interview with ESPN's Hannah Storm, Lloyd was asked what would make her consider boycotting Rio. Lloyd's answer:

“I think our focus right now is just on the NWSL and we’ve got two games coming up against Japan in June. Our attorneys are really keeping us involved and letting us know what’s going on. Unfortunately it’s sort of a waiting game and we just have to kind of wait and see. But we do reserve our right to continue to fight for equal pay, and I’m really not thinking too far in advance, but negotiations are tough and sometimes you need to get settled in a different manner and we’ll see how things go. We’re all preparing for Rio and we’ll see what happens with US Soccer.”

When asked directly if she would consider boycotting the Rio Olympics, Lloyd said, "You'll have to ask my attorney," which is code for "I know the answer but I'm not going to tell you because lawyers."

This could just be a ploy in the USWNT's ongoing wage-discrimination lawsuit against US Soccer. No one in their right mind would give up that leverage by committing to the tournament before the lawsuit is settled. Even if they plan on going to Rio, the USWNT players need US Soccer to believe that there is a significant chance they won't go.

Then again, they just might boycott. We don't know. No one knows except for Lloyd, her compatriots and their lawyers. The only thing we know for certain is watching this play out will be super fun. We might witness a historic victory against the wage gap. We might see "the man" assert himself as only he can. We might see some good USWNT soccer at the Olympics.

But we might not.


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