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Ozil Can Juggle Gum, But What’s More Impressive Is Where He Can Stick It.

We all know that Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil can stick the ball to his feet like it’s a bulbous piece of Juicy Fruit, but Adidas’ new skills video may have taken that simile a little too literally. 

In it, the Avatar-eyed German deftly flicks a piece of gum before smashing it full force into the camera lens, which begs the question of why he can’t apply the same conviction to his finishing ability (I was half-expecting him to fake a shot and pass it to Olivier Giroud off-camera). And before you say it, yes, we have considered the possibility that the video is doctored and we have our best video forensics experts working on it…just kidding. You think we have the budget for that?

For now, the jury is out, but if it is real, it surely raises a lot of questions. How has no gum company stepped forward and used this for brand placement? How many times did Ozil have to juggle a piece of gum before they got the perfect take? How many times did he have to peel gum off that dirty camera lens and put it back in his mouth? Come now Mesut, remember what Mutter Ozil always used to say? You don’t know where that camera lens has been.

Adidas’ new skills video. Funny man blinks in ridiculous glasses.

Of course, we must remember that this is the same Mesut Ozil that can do this.

So, if anybody can launch a piece of spearmint like a cruise missile, it would certainly be him. Regardless, it’s a cool video and, at the very least, those video editors deserve a raise, so check it out. Also, if you haven’t had your fill of weird juggling videos for the day, check out this one of Neymar juggling without clothes. Yes, you read that right.

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