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Neymar Gets Embarrassed By A Professional Freestyler

There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing Neymar get embarrassed by someone, anyone. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s usually the one doing the embarrassing, and that he’s getting so good at it that it’s scary, and that makes it satisfying to see the tables turn. It reminds people that he’s not superhuman, just really-really-good-human. Neymar gets embarrassed by freestyler Sean Garnier in the vine below, and it’s petty, but no one ever said petty couldn’t be satisfying. 

I mean, that Vine has it all, including the addicting Trap style music drop synced to the moment of embarrassment. 

You will perhaps not be so surprised to find out that the real freestyle battle between Neymar and Garnier was a bit more competitive than that 6 second clip alludes, and more friendly. Here’s the full video. It shows that Neymar can hold his own, but in the realm of professional freestyle soccer, he’s definitely out of his depth; Garnier is just better. 

Of course, this is what Garneir does for a living; dribble around a small area, focusing solely on technical skills and not the things that Neymar gets paid to do such as shoot, run, and pass. Lacking those skills certainly doesn’t seem to be hurting Garnier that much. He is professional after all, and, as this next video will show, gets to travel to some pretty cool places in the name of “work.” 

I certainly wouldn’t mind traveling to a city in China and get paid to show off. 

This is not the first time Neymar gets embarrassed. Unbelievably, Neymar’s own teammate on Brazil, Filipe Luis, a defender no less, pulled off a rainbow kick over the lad last fall. You just don’t see that. I don’t think Luis has even thought about a rainbow kick before or since.

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