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Meet The 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Of This Brazilian Legend

Do you remember where you were when Brazil won the 1994 World Cup? I was three years old, so I could have been anywhere, literally anywhere in my house. However that’s not important, because Brazilian legend Romario knows exactly where he was: on the pitch, lifting the trophy. And as charming as it is to reminisce about his 5 goal performance in that tournament, we need to stick to our original question, because Dixie Pratt has no idea where she was when Brazil won the World Cup in 1994.

You are asking, “Why in the world did you bring up Dixie Pratt?” We’ll tell you. First we should add that her lack of knowledge about her whereabouts is no fault of her own; she wasn’t even born yet. Which might also seem insignificant, until we tell you that Romario and Dixie Pratt are currently dating.

At 29 years, the age difference between 48-year-old Romario and 19-year-old Dixie Pratt is…surprising. Not that aging rich men have never dated excessively young women before, it’s just always a bit of a shock to the system. This is Romeo and Juliet territory, which is a lot less cute when you realize that the original Romeo and Juliet were 45 and 14, respectively. And, no, “Romario and Dixie Pratt” rhyming with “Romeo and Juliet” doesn’t make it any better. 


In any case, it seems that Romario has been doing what all doting elderly men do, and taken Dixie on a, and we’re quoting here, “Caribbean dream. Check out the pictures here.

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