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This Double Step Over Was So Brutal That The Ref Was Forced To Intervene

It doesn’t get anymore ridiculous than this. Stephane Sessegnon, a Benin international currently without a club, was at his brilliant best as a winger during his time with Paris Saint-Germain from 2008-2011. Coming up against Sporting Lisbon, he demonstrated just how brutal he could be on the outside.

When we use euphemisms like “broke his ankles” or “ruined the defender” as journalists, we’re usually delving into sensational hyperbole. The reality of the video is nowhere near the description.


In this case, however, Sessegnon absolutely ruined the poor guy. The way he sends him staggering to his left and then twisting to his right while yelping in agony is unlike anything you’ll ever see outside of a MMA ring.

You can hear him audibly shout while he rolls around, and Sessegnon didn’t even touch him. The fact that the referee then proceeds to call a foul only makes the situation worse for the defender. It immortalizes it. This is the double step over to rule them all — the defender is literally grabbing his ankles and grimacing on the ground.

Funny scene from Semi-Pro (first time alley-oop)

Can you actually foul someone without touching them? On the evidence of this video, I’d say the answer is yes. This is clearly unsporting behavior, bordering on serious foul play and an immediate dismissal.

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