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Cesc Fabregas Is The Master Of Getting Red Cards In Meaningless Games

As much as the people in charge would like for it to be a competitive tournament, the International Champions Cup is a collection of friendlies between big teams trying to grow their fan-bases in new, previously untapped markets. The players will run around a little, the coaches will evaluate some youth academy players and everyone will be nice before heading home. They're just friendlies. No one is taking them seriously. Except for Cesc Fabregas.

Look what happened when Cesc and Liverpool center back Ragnar Klavan go after the same ball.

Fabregas was (rightly) sent off for that challenge, apparently forgetting that you're not supposed to go in late like that in a friendly, not even against a league rival.


This wasn't an isolated incident from Fabcregas, who has developed the curious habit of being red-carded in games that objectively do not matter.

Anyone remember this gem from the last game of the 2014-2015 season against Wes Brom, after Chelsea had already wrapped up the title?

We can't decide if it's because he takes meaningless games way too seriously or because he's taking them way less seriously than everyone else, but Cesc Fabregas should chill out. There's nothing on the line, buddy.

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