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The Best Footballer In The World Has Never Dreamt Of Doing Anything Else

Most kids, when asked what they want to be when they grow up, will give you a different answer every time you ask them. Not Lionel Messi though. He wanted to be a footballer.

"I've never thought of any other job."

Wouldn't we all like to say that? Some of us grow up wanting do do only one thing from a very young age. Very few of us actually get to become that thing, and certainly the odds are against it.

Even fewer become that thing, then become the best in the world at it. It takes time, patience, practice and luck to become the best at anything. The best asset to have in these situations is a single-minded focus that can't be broken.

That's what Lionel Messi has, and that's why he could tell the interviewer in this video that he'd never thought of becoming anything besides a footballer. That focus, that drive, is what propelled him to not just become the best footballer, but to become the best. Aspiring footballers take note.

"Football has been my life since I was a kid. My style remains the same. I love every single minute I get on the pitch. I know I have a great responsibility, and that there are objectives to accomplish, but I try to have fun too, because it's what I love to do," Messi said when asked the secret to his success.

Other highlights: his favorite foods are Vienensa Napolitana and a "simple roast," he likes assisting goals just as much as he likes scoring them and he can't name the best goalkeeper he's played against because there have been so many great ones. 

(H/T 101greatgoals)

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