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This 9-Year-Old Plays Soccer Like We Play Video Games

Rayane Bounida is ridiculously good at soccer. It’s comical. He’s 9-years-old and makes you wonder if he is even aware of the level of embarrassment he puts defenders through on what seems to be a daily basis. Honestly if someone told me that this kid jumps out of bed in the moring and nutmegs his teddy bear I would believe them. He’s the most amazing youth soccer player I’ve ever seen.

I don’t want to keep on hyperbolizing but I can’t help it. He’s like Neymar and Messi rolled into one and then shrank down to pip-squeak size. That goal-line freeze after he rounds the keeper? Who does that?!? WHO DOES THAT AT THE AGE OF 9?!? And of course he still tries to embarrass fools while he’s playing goal keeper. What? You think it just stops? It never stops. The kids a baller, and ballers don’t take breaks they just take names. These kids don’t even know. Rayane Bounida might not even know. For all we know he’s thinking about lollipops when he puts the ball between a defender’s legs. 

I choose to believe he's more like this.

Rayane Bounida amazing youth soccer player reaction

Never change, Rayane. 

If you enjoyed seeing the souls of countless children smattered across the pitch, you’ll probably enjoy these next articles to. 

There’s this kid from Romania who does his best Zlatan-at-Ajax impression and dribbles past the entire opposing team and scores. Of course he wears the #10, because that’s how these kids roll. 

And then in a less orthodox but way more interesting video is this child who decided to learn how to play the saxophone while juggling a soccer ball. Where do they get this from? Humanity is in good hands. If we can master this, we can master global warming. Who knew the future of the world would rest in the hands of an amazing youth soccer player? 

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