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Theo Hernández collects Chucky Lozano's soul after throw-in scuffle

Ismaël Bennacer got a lot of high-fives after scoring the only goal in AC Milan's crucial 1-0 win over Napoli in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals. 

However, if we have to choose a man of the match, that recognition should be in the hands of left fullback Theo Hernandez. The dyed-blond Frenchman probably didn't lead any stat some people care about nowadays, but he fueled his teammates from an emotional point of view.

Especially after seeing the aggressive tête-à-tête he starred alongside Mexican Hirving Lozano during a trivial throw-in.

Theo Hernández and Chucky Lozano faceoff

AC Milan entered the game at San Siro with shaky legs, letting Napoli have two clear chances before the first five minutes. But Napoli wasted those chances and will pay for it later. 

After a terrible delivery in the attacking third, Brahim Diaz recovered a ball, made a fancy move and launched the counterattack that let Bennacer get the spotlight in the 40th minute.

It was a low blow for Napoli, but nothing to get traumatized.

The thing is that a few seconds later, and with the adrenaline rush still high, there was a play that ended in a throw-in, where AC Milan got the emotional edge to finish Napoli off. A dispute between Theo Hernandez and Chucky Lozano that concluded when the Frenchman celebrated in Lozano's face that the linesman had given possession to the Rossoneri.

@futbolilustrado Chucky Lozano and Theo Hernandez faceoff. #napoli #acmilan #championsleague ♬ OMG - White Gangster

Silly and childish but highly effective.

Seeing Hernández celebrating a throw-in as if it was a goal propelled his squad to defend the result and send Napoli to a weird and out-of-control state. In the second half, Theo caused more emotional chaos, provoking several fouls that ended up with Napoli's Zambo Anguissa being sent-off. 

Was Hernandez a prick full of shithousery? Probably, but at the end of the day, AC Milan were happy the French player was on their side. 

The second leg of the quarterfinal series will be played next Tuesday, Apr. 18, in the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium at 3 p.m. ET.

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