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WTF! Stretcher Guy Enters The Field, Yells At The Ref And Drops Injured Player Before Running Away

Natanael Alves de Andrade never imagined filling in as a stretcher carrier during a Brazilian Serie B league game would make him some sort of viral sensation. And all because of a childish tantrum in which he entered the field, threw the stretcher to the ground, yelled at the ref and dropped an injured player before escaping to the dressing rooms.

Epic? Epic.

Stretcher guy yells at ref, drops injured player

The whole sequence happened during the last minutes of the crucial match between Náutico and Vila Nova, two teams fighting to avoid relegation. With a 2-1 scoreboard favoring the away team, Vila Nova, midfielder Wagner went to the floor trying to waste time with a fake injury. Ref Jean Pierre Gonçalves wanted to speed up things and called the stretcher guys to take the player out, but soon he found himself in the middle of Alves' rage. 

Alves – who received around $15 for the gig – came full force against the official, spitting mean words everywhere. He even threw the stretcher in front of a thunderstruck Gonçalves. The reason behind the venting? A possible PK that the officials did not call a few minutes before. 

"He complained about my decision with the following words: 'You are robbing us, you are a joke, it was a penalty, you are robbing us. Go and fuck yourself!'" reported Gonçalves after the game. 

The stretcher guy admitted all, but he is not showing remorse.

"I was mad at the ref. It was a handball, a penalty, in front of his face! I cursed at him, used several profanities and threw the stretcher on the ground, but I don't regret it," he said. 

Alves' scene didn't end there. Eventually, he took Wagner on the stretcher with the help of another carrier, but when he crossed the sidelines decided to drop him abruptly on the ground before running away toward the dressing rooms. 


"When I finished with the ref, I looked behind me and thought, 'I still have to carry this fucker'. Then I did what I did and ran straight to the locker room because I didn't know what his reaction would be", Alves said. "He had nothing to do with it, but Náutico was losing and he was an opponent."

Náutico ended up losing the game 2-1 and is now dead last in the division.

By the way, this is not the first outburst of violence related to the club in 2022. Last May, midfielder Jean Carlos caught the public eye attacking a female ref after being sent off

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