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True Story: A Player In Uruguay Could Lose A Kidney After Brutal Kick

We all remember Nigel de Jong's kung-fu kick over Xabi Alonso's chest in the 2010 World Cup. Well, in Uruguay, there was a very similar play last weekend but 10 times worse. So bad that the player fouled is in the hospital and could lose one of his kidneys.

No kidding.

Uruguayan player could lose a kidney after brutal kick

During a game in the Liga Salteña de Fútbol, a regional competition in Uruguay, an unnamed player from the club Sud América went for a ball in midfield with full force, studs facing front, and impacted the chest of Matías Sabarrós in a sequence that it's hard to see. Be aware! 

Of course, the ref showed the red card to the infractor while doctors on the field assisted Sabarrós. The player got on his feet eventually, but soon he felt so bad he had to be carried to a hospital, where the diagnosis struck the player as hard as the tackle. 

According to the info from Uruguay, Sabarrós has some broken ribs, and one of his kidneys is so damaged that there is a chance it has to be removed.

"He is conscious, in a lot of pain and needs a lot of rest," said José Luis Sabarrós, the player's father, to Telemundo Uruguay. "Doctors are constantly checking on him, and we hope the treatment moves along favorably. If that doesn't happen, doctors said they would need to perform surgery, meaning they would have to remove his kidney."

Just terrible to hear. 

Obviously, we hope that is not the case and wish Matías a speedy recovery.

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