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Five players who could join Lionel Messi at Inter Miami

Lionel Messi is in the bag. Oh, yeah! Inter Miami defeated FC Barcelona and a colossal offer from Saudi Arabia to snatch the Argentine star in a move labeled as a new dawn for MLS.

However, business is not over. Several reports say Messi will not be the only top-tier player arriving in Florida. In fact, at least five other names are being linked to Inter Miami to help him in this adventure. And all of them are good friends of the Rosario native. 

By the way, we don't use the term "adventure" lightly, mainly considering Inter Miami's present. 

Currently, the club sits last in the MLS Eastern Conference. They also just fired their coach Phil Neville, and besides players like Josef Martínez, Lucas Campana and Rodolfo Pizarro, the truth is talent is scarce. 

Sure, Messi will automatically bump the squad's quality, but anybody who knows one or two things about soccer is aware that the guy will need help. And here is where the rumors start.

5 players who could join Messi in Inter Miami

Before going into details, it is worth mentioning that Inter Miami will not have all five players on their roster. Transfer and salary rules in MLS are strict, and honestly, I can't see a world in which they can stretch and bend the rules to fit them all next to Messi's massive contract.

But, well, you never know. Here are the names.

#1 Sergio Busquets

Busi just left Barcelona and is looking for a new challenge. However,  bringing him aboard would not be easy. 

Inter Miami may need to drop a Designated Player spot to fulfill his salary demands and unleash another battle against Saudi money, as Busquets is one of many players being tempted to join their league.

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Reason to be optimistic? Messi met Busquets and Jordi Alba a few weeks ago and people think they were concocting their move to MLS.

#2 Jordi Alba

Does Inter Miami need a left fullback? Why not. And a world-class Jordi Alba could fit perfectly on the team. He is free after leaving Barcelona, is a good friend of Messi and could be cheaper than Busquets. 

Rumors say there are already conversations to make it happen. We'll see. 

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#3  Luis Suárez

Another former Barcelona? Sure.

But things here are a little bit more complicated. The Uruguayan is currently under contract with Gremio in Brazil and rejected a chance to come to Inter Miami a few months ago.

However, it's not a dead end. Sources say Suárez has an exit clause – the details are unknown – and in terms of friendship, nobody is closer to Messi than the Uruguayan. They usually go on vacation together and their wives, Antonela Roccuzzo and Sofia Balbi, are practically BFFs.

#4 Ángel di María

El Fideo didn't play with Messi in Barcelona, but you can say he has been one of his most loyal squires in Argentina's national team. Both were born in Rosario and have developed a nice friendship through the years. 

Now, can Inter Miami convince him to come? Di María's contract with Juventus ends on June 30, so that's good news. The problem? He was earning over $7 million per season. Sure, he is 35 years old and could be willing to take a pay cut, but how far Inter Miami can go within MLS parameters?

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#5 Leandro Paredes

Paredes has become some sort of Messi bodyguard in Argentina's national team and rumors are also linking him to Inter Miami.

However, the chances of seeing him in MLS are a little more complicated. After being on loan at Juventus, Paredes has to return to PSG, where he is under contract until June 2024. PSG doesn't want him there next season but wishes to receive a fee to free him.

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We don't know if Inter Miami are willing or can pay the price, but if they can, they will have some competition in the name of Atlético de Madrid.

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