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Good Lord! Marcelo is sent off in tears after accidentally destroying opponent's leg

Former Brazilian international and Real Madrid legend Marcelo was shown a straight red card and left the field in tears after accidentally inflicting a horrific injury on Argentine defender Luciano Sánchez during a Copa Libertadores match between Fluminense and Argentinos Juniors on Tuesday night.

The unfortunate incident occurred in the 55th minute when the left full-back stomped Sánchez with his support leg while trying to dribble past him. 

Marcelo breaks opponent's leg

The whole sequence is sickening, so if you count yourself as part of a sensitive audience, scroll down and skip the clip.

Brutal, right?

Marcelo noticed immediately how serious Sánchez's injury was and started looking for consolation among his teammates. Seconds later, when referee Piero Maza showed him the red card, the player understood that although it was accidental, there was no other choice for the official, and he left the pitch in tears.

Once he was out, Marcelo took his social media accounts to talk about the sad events.

"Today, I have experienced a very difficult moment inside the pitch. With no intention, I have injured a colleague. I want to wish you a speedy recovery, Luciano Sánchez. All the strength in the world," he wrote.

According to some Argentine outlets, Marcelo also went to Argentinos Juniors' dressing room to apologize directly to Sánchez. And when he learned he had already been sent to a local hospital, he asked for his phone number to call him.

Marcelo's attitude was well received among Argentinos Juniors' players, who understood that the whole situation was just 'bad luck.' 

"It was not intentional. You could see it in Marcelo's reaction. It was ugly, but bad luck," said Argentinos Junior's midfielder Leonardo Heredia.

"We are rivals, not enemies. Thanks Marcelo and Fluminense for your concern," wrote Argentinos Juniors in their official account on X.

Luciano Sánchez injury update

Hours after suffering the injury, Argentinos Juniors confirmed that Sánchez's leg was not broken. However, the diagnosis is not great. 

According to the medical report, Sánchez suffered a full-knee dislocation that will need surgery and between eight to 12 months of recovery time.


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