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The story behind Karim Benzema's broken finger

When you think of Karim Benzema on the pitch, it's hard not to imagine him without the bandage he wears over his right arm. The piece of fabric has become a signature accessory for the Real Madrid striker. However, during the ceremony in which he received a well-deserved Ballon d'Or, people got a good reminder of why he always has to use it. 

And why is that? Well, Benzema has a crazy-crooked pinkie finger. 

Karim Benzema broken finger

Benzema wasn't born with a faulty finger. Instead, the spooky-looking pinkie is the result of an injury sustained in January 2019. 

Playing against Real Betis, the Frenchman collided against defender Marc Bartra and when he went to the floor, SNAP! The finger was broken. 

If you feel brave, here you can see the moment of the injury. 

Doctors in the club suggested Benzema go under the knife, but the player opted out because the recovery process would have sidelined him for at least three months.

Why hasn't he done it between 2019 and 2022? I don't know if you have seen it, but Benzema has been pretty busy scoring goals for Real Madrid and in his return to the France national team in 2021.

Embed from Getty Images

A sharp mind will probably ask now, what about during COVID-19 times? Well, do not forget that at the beginning of the pandemic, we all thought the bug and the quarantines would be around just for a few weeks. Benzema was on the same train and didn't want to put at risk his playing time. 

And the bet turned out to be great. Benzema's form since then kept improving until becoming a goal-scoring machine deserving of a Ballon d'Or.

Yes, with a broken finger and a bandage so iconic that his sponsor adidas created a golden one to celebrate the achievement

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