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Goalkeeper unleashes brutal flying kick on opponent, says it was not his fault

A Copa Sudamericana match between Peruvian side Universitario de Deportes and Argentina's Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata didn't end well. After losing the game and being kicked out of the competition, Gimnasia players went into sore-loser mode and started a gigantic fight on the pitch.

Goalkeeper Jose Carvallo flying kick in Copa Sudamericana

Punches were coming from both squads, but the image that summarized the whole brawl was a savage flying kick from Universitario's goalkeeper José Carvallo on a Gimnasia player.

Nasty and from behind!

Of course, the offense was viralized in seconds and Carvallo's name trended on social media as the biggest villain on Earth. 

The 37-year-old goalkeeper, however, has another take and explained on social media why he reacted the way he did, saying that the kick was not his fault.

"The violent acts started at the end of the game when Gimnasia players came to assault us, and you can clearly see how I'm trying to calm things down," said Carvallo in a lengthy post. 

However, everything changed when the shot-stopper saw Universitario's kitman being hit by Gimnasia players: "They were punching him and kicking him between two players. That's when I react, seeing the police doing nothing to stop them. I think any person would have defended him after seeing this injustice."

The flying kick? Carvallo blamed another Gimnasia player involved in the scene: "You can see in the images that my intention was to go in front of that player, but he pushed his teammate toward me to shield himself. And that's when I hit his back with the speed I was coming."

Physics, you shrew!

Let's see if CONMEBOL believes Carvallo's story when it's time to decide the sanction for all those involved in the brawl.

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