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Mean, mean goalkeeper denies goal to a little birthday boy

If you think Emiliano Martinez is the most despicable goalkeeper out there, just wait to meet Zsombor Senkó, the man between the sticks for Hungarian second-division side DVTK. He's being rightly booed worldwide after denying a goal and crushing the dreams of a seven-year-old boy on his birthday!

Boooo! And another boooo!

Goalkeeper denies goal to birthday boy

During their league game vs. DVTK, people from MTK Budapest decided to treat a team mascot, a little boy named Enok Varga, on his seventh birthday. The plan? Invite him to the kick-off, let him run toward the DVTK goal, score and celebrate with the local fans.

Everything seemed perfect when MTK Budapest winger Zoltán Stiber started the ceremony by passing the ball to the kid after the ref's whistle. The boy ran between DVTK defenders, who kindly agreed with the kid's wishes, while the supporters were chanting and cheering for him in the background.

However, when the boy faced goalkeeper Senkó, the jolly occasion turned into a sour evening. Senkó stopped the first shot with his right leg and then caught the rebound before kicking it far, far away, denying the goal. 

Absolutely disgusting!

Stunned by Senkó's behavior, the boy returned to the middle of the pitch, where his big brother tried to console him. And man! The sadness and disappointment in the kid's eyes after seeing his dream gone are really moving.  

Senkó's attitude, of course, angered not only fans in the stadium but became a national topic in Hungary. 

After the game – with a deserved defeat – Senkó kind of apologized, inviting the kid and his family to the next match between DVTK and MTK Budapest.

"In the meantime, I wish him never to give up on his dreams and to fight for every ball as he did on Monday evening!" he said.

Weirdly, what Senkó did is not unheard of in the soccer world. There's a famous story of German international Oliver Kahn refusing to be beaten in a PK shootout taken by children during a charity match raising money for kids in need.

Or the time when English striker Michael Owen showed no mercy against a 13-year-old goalkeeper and had the nerve to celebrate every goal he scored on him.

How unnecessary!

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