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Alexis Sánchez scores weird olímpico and challenges Pedro Pascal for sexiest Chilean mustache

Alexis Sánchez is back, baby!

The former Barcelona and Arsenal star is having a magnificent season with Olympique de Marseille in Ligue 1 and still dripping some class for the Chilean national team. In fact, the 34-year-old had a phenomenal performance in Chile's 3-2 win over Paraguay in a friendly played Monday night, scoring a brace.

One of those goals was a rather weird olímpico. 

Alexis Sánchez olímpico goal

After nine games without a win – six under new coach Eduardo Berizzo – Chile needed to release some tension. And the game against Paraguay came as a perfect relief.

Sánchez, not one hundred percent fit, started the game on the bench and Chile suffered. 2-1 down, the Guaraníes were extending La Roja miseries at the end of the first 45 minutes. But Sánchez subbed in for Colorado Rapids forward Diego Rubio and led an outstanding comeback. 

The winger, who left behind his iconic No. 7 for the No. 10, equalized after an assist from Club América's Diego Valdés.

And then, he rubbed the lamp.

Sánchez noticed nobody was paying attention and quickly served a corner kick that Paraguayan goalkeeper Antony Silva was unable to control, sending the ball right into the net.

Olímpico or own goal? You say tohmato, I say tomato. 

Fans hailed Sánchez's performance and pointed out that his recent mustache has served him as a good luck charm in recent weeks. The player denied his mustache is a talisman but an aesthetic choice. 

Handsome? Maybe. But as handsome as the mustache of Pedro Pascal, the trendiest Chilean today? I don't know, but the debate is on. 

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