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Tired Of Winning Champions Leagues, Real Madrid Is Now Training For War Against Androids

Real Madrid shared a reel on its social platforms where you can see several players training free kicks over a very fancy electronic wall. 

I mean, it is pretty cool. 

Real Madrid's Robot Wall Technology

The gadget can be controlled and adapted according to the team's needs using a tablet or a computer and for sure has become a crucial tool in Los Merengues' training grounds. 

But at the same time, after looking at it in action comes an uneasy feeling: A series of images of a post-apocalyptic world fills my mind and suddenly I'm convinced that Real Madrid is not preparing for its next match against Real Betis but for a war against androids and artificial intelligence.

And yes, the human race's survival depends on them. 

Just look at those mannequins. They are absolutely terrifying, faceless, merciless and more ripped than an Italian player wearing Kappa jerseys in the early 2000s. I don't wanna be in front of them when they become sentient or self-aware. No, no, nooooo!

But I trust Luka Modrić, Toni Kroos and the rest of the gang. I know they have not only been training free kicks over them.

They are also trying advanced masks and other resources to infiltrate unhospitable places during this post-apocalyptic scenario. Yes, Real Madrid said the masks were tests to measure the aerobic capacity of its players before the 2022-23 season, but do you really believe it?

They just don't want you to panic. And please, don't. After 35 LaLiga titles, 14 Champions Leagues and a long list of trophies, I bet that a victory in a war vs. androids would also look pretty nice in its packed cabinets. 

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