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Liga MX is the poster child for fireworks celebrations gone wrong

It's becoming more and more common to see fireworks when a Liga MX team scores. You see the ball going into the net and milliseconds later, boom! Someone pops a couple of rockets behind the goal and enhances the show.

On Saturday, however, in TWO DIFFERENT GAMES, the person in charge of the pyrotechnics was too eager to celebrate and ended up bringing the fireworks on occasions in which there were no goals at all.


Liga MX fireworks celebrations fails

The first incident occurred in the legendary Azteca Stadium. During Club América's 2-1 win over Necaxa, Salvador Reyes had an opportunity to score a third for Las Águilas but a rebound on Alexis Peña and the gloves of Hugo González sent the ball slightly wide.

However, the fireworks operator thought the ball went in and decided to illuminate the skies of Santa Úrsula, puzzling people watching the game in situ and on TV. 

It was embarrassing, but whoever did it wasn't alone.

A couple hours later, Liga MX fans witnessed a similar event during Tigres' 4-2 victory over Pumas. 

Uruguayan midfielder Fernando Gorriaran had a chance to put a third goal on the scoreboard for Tigres, but his shot went right of the post before exiting the field. The miss was clear, but the fireworks controller went ahead and threw some sparkles into the night, thinking the ball had trespassed the goal line. 


Sadly, it's not the first time we've seen celebratory fireworks on missed chances in Liga MX. Last October, during the Apertura 2022 semifinals, Monterrey fans suffered a similar fate when the fireworks operators activated the pyrotechnics after a shot of Germán Berterame hit the post vs. Pachuca. 

And let's not forget the fireworks celebrations ruined by VAR.

Should Liga MX keep doing it or just stop it?

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