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It was hot and humid: Sweaty Hulk says he lost 13 pounds in the last Atletico Mineiro game

Playing soccer at 11 a.m. in 90°F heat doesn't sound fun. But that was the luck of Atletico Mineiro last weekend during a hard-earned 2-1 victory over Tombense in the Campeonato Mineiro.

It was so hot and humid that Brazilian star Hulk – who scored one of the goals and got one assist – claims he sweated so much during the game that he lost 13 pounds. 

13 pounds: Hulk weight loss during game in Brazil

Hulk has proof of the dramatic weight loss since he decided to weigh himself before and after the game. 

Before the kick-off, Hulk weighed 97,6 kg (215 lb.); after the final whistle, he was 91,9 kg (202 lb.).

Here is the video:

By the way, this is not the first time Hulk experienced something similar. Last July, he also lost around 13 pounds in a game against Flamengo. On that occasion, he ended up dehydrated and had to drink tons of water to perform a doping test.

When he finally did the test at 4 a.m., his teammates had already flown to Minas Gerais while he had to return home on a private jet. 

"It was exhausting (the anti-doping test). I was tired," Hulk admitted that time. "I fell into the anti-doping test. I was there for four hours, I drank 30 liters of water. But it was hard for me to urinate. In the end, it worked and now I just want to get home."

Of course, we assume those 30 liters of water are just an exaggeration. Otherwise, Hulk would not have been among us today.

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