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Henry Martín — Every time he scores a hat-trick, the team stops existing!

Henry Martín is one of México’s hottest players at the moment and he proved that when he scored a Liga MX hat-trick against Mazatlán in America’s 6-0 victory last January. He’s scored nine in eight games so far in this Clausura 2023.

This was the third time he scored three goals in one game in his career. He sealed a hat-trick against Lobos BUAP in 2018 and Veracruz in 2019. 

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What’s interesting isn’t that he’s scored three hat-tricks though, it’s what happens to the teams after the fact that has fans thinking Mazatlán might not be around for much longer in Mexican soccer.

Every time Henry Martín scores a hat-trick, the team disappears

We’re aware that the Club América captain isn’t magically capable of Thanos-snapping a team into disappearing after he toyed them around for 90 minutes. Let us explain ourselves.

When ‘La Bomba’ scored three past Lobos BUAP in 2018, the team became disaffiliated in 2019 and was turned into the club that is now known as FC Juárez.

When Martín scored three past Veracruz in 2019, the team also became disaffiliated and stopped competing in any of Mexico’s professional leagues in 2020. This is what their stadium looks like in 2023.

Now, after the 30-year-old managed to score three past Mazatlán, fans and theorists are starting to think that 2024 might not be such a good year for Los Cañoneros.

At the time Martín scored against Lobos and Veracruz, both teams were at the bottom of the table and basically free points to whichever team faced them. Similarly enough, Mazatlán is bottom of the table in the current Clausura 2023, with only one point in seven games. They are arguably the worst side in Mexican soccer at the moment. 

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They haven't won a game since September.

Mazatlán F.C. was ‘created’ after Monarcas Morelia was bought and re-located to Mazatlán, Sinaloa where everything was changed except some of its original players. And if we were to slightly believe in this Aaron Ramsey-esque theory, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to think that Mazatlán might disappear as quickly as it was created.

Friendly advice, if you’re a Liga MX team and want to continue being one, don’t concede a hat-trick to Henry Martín. Or just don’t suck.

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