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Seeing the Messi kids hugging each other after daddy's goal vs. Australia will melt your heart

This World Cup is special for Lionel Messi — not only because he wants glory, not only because it's probably his last one, but also because his three kids are old enough to watch him play.

"From the very beginning, from kick-off to the final whistle, I'm thinking of my children," confessed the Argentine star after defeating Australia and qualifying for the quarterfinals against the Netherlands. 

Thiago (10 years old), Mateo (7) and Ciro (4) were all witnesses of the game, supporting his dad from the stands, celebrating the goal he scored and also providing the world with one the most tender moments of the tournament.

Messi children hug after daddy's goal vs. Australia

After seeing Messi score against Australia and a kiss from mom, Antonella Roccuzzo, Mateo and Ciro looked at each other before expressing their joy in a cute hug.

"They're growing older. They understand better what's going on and enjoy it more," said Messi in a press conference. "They are living it from the inside and for me, it is something spectacular."

Argentine broadcaster TyC Sports went further and showed Messi a clip of his wife and children celebrating the goal. After being questioned about his feelings and a few seconds of silence, the star finally opened up.

"I feel very emotional. This is happiness. I know how they are living it, how they are suffering, but also how they are enjoying it."

Since Messi is staying focused on the tournament with his teammates, family time has been scarce. However, this Sunday coach Lionel Scaloni allowed some time off for the players and the Messis got together and shared a picture of the encounter on social media.

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