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I see people hating them, but these 6 new Liga MX jerseys are works of art

Liga MX Clausura 2023 starts in less than a month and some teams are already presenting their jerseys for the tournament. Among those clubs are the current champion Pachuca, as well as Atlas, León, Querétaro, Santos Laguna and Xolos.

All six are sponsored by the Mexican company Charly Futbol which decided to present a unified collection inspired by the traditional nahual and tonas figures created by Oaxacan artisans from the well-known Jacobo and María Ángeles workshop.

A literal work of art.

Charly Fútbol Third Jerseys Liga MX 2023

A nahual is a human being able to shapeshift and become an animal (tona) to unlock some sort of spiritual awesomeness. And that's why you see the silhouette of some animals printed over the sublime graphic adorning the shirts. 

Every animal, of course, is intimately related to the team donning them. 

The champion Pachuca, for example, pays tribute to the tuzo, a type of mole common in the state of Hidalgo and the reason behind their nickname.

Atlas's animal is a fox, which is also one of the ways people refer to them.

Club León? No, it's not an antelope. Of course the image corresponds to the biggest cat on the planet. 

Querétaro leans in their Gallos Blancos moniker with the phenomenal print of a rooster.

My personal favorite is Club Tijuana and the fantastic face of the unique Xoloitzcuintle dog that the team uses to identify themselves. 

The only club not using an animal is Santos Laguna, which goes for a native warrior that represents their Guerreros nickname. 

In general, I think the job is fresh and exceptional. It has an identity and escapes from boring, traditional soccer jersey design. But at the same time, I understand the hard time some fans are giving it. 

Sure, some picky supporters absurdly complain that Club León's tone of green is not the classic emerald green, not considering that it's a third jersey and not the main one. However, we can all agree that the number of sponsors is almost worse than a NASCAR uniform.

And yeah, we saw that Cementos Fortaleza finally agreed to change its colors to keep the "chromatic harmony" of the designs, but it's still a punch in the face. 

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