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Argentina's fan chant infiltrates the Brooklyn Nets arena to remind Kylian Mbappé who the World Cup champion is

Kylian Mbappe took himself a couple of vacation days after practically jumping on a plane from Qatar to PSG’s training ground to restart the 2022-23 campaign.

Yet, after a more than draining couple of months that were topped off with a loss in the World Cup final against Argentina, Mbappé was reminded and taunted by a couple dozen of Argentina fans that were just in the right place at the right time.

Argentina fans chant away at Kylian Mbappe in the Nets vs. Spurs basketball game

PSG teammates Kylian Mbappé and Achraf Hakim sat court side in last Monday’s Brooklyn Nets and San Antonio Spurs NBA game held in the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, New York.

They were shown on the jumbotron, given ovations and even traded jerseys with NBA All-Star Kevin Durant before making their way into the Nets locker room to salute all the players for their 36-point win.

It was all love for the World Cup stars in New York. Or was it?

At one point in the game and when the stadium was praising the French star, fans captured a small crowd of people in a section of the stadium singing a chant that many of us might remember from watching Argentina and their fans take over Qatar. They even had the flag and World Cup trophy replica.


The fans in the video were apparently part of a River Plate ultra group based in Brooklyn who, after seeing Mbappé being recognized, saw the opportunity to take a bit of the spotlight away from the Frenchman and remind him that Argentina is the World Cup champion.

The likelihood that he actually heard them all the way from a nose bleed section of the stadium? Probably zero.

Point is, even after purposely evading the world of soccer and going to the opposite corner of the world to enjoy some court-side basketball, Mbappé was still taunted by Argentina soccer fans over the loss last month. 

To this, the Parisian-pair found only one solution: hiding in plain sight

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