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Several Analysts And Announcers Are Leaving TUDN – What's Going On?

If you're a regular watcher of Liga MX and soccer in general on the Spanish-language sports network TUDN, you probably noticed in the last few days that some voices and faces are missing. And well, let me tell you, those voices and faces are not coming back anytime soon. 

One of those leaving TUDN is the legendary announcer Pablo Ramírez, who posted a farewell note on his social accounts last Friday, July 1. 

"The company supported me. It motivated me. And it gave me all the tools to improve. I worked hard and put the best of me. Thanks!" Ramírez wrote on Twitter, ending 24 years of service with one of his signature phrases: "#lapelotanoruedamás."

But Ramírez isn't the only one leaving the network. 

Announcers leaving TUDN – What's going on?

After merging with the Mexican network Televisa, Univision – TUDN's mothership – is undergoing several changes, and most of them are affecting the sports channel. 

According to other media outlets like MedioTiempo and Récord, in an effort to cut expenses, TUDN is trying to move its whole operations process to Ciudad de México because it's way cheaper than Miami, where TUDN has its headquarters in the U.S. 

The decision, obviously, is affecting the talent living on this side of the border. And that's why we're seeing more and more people saying goodbye to the network, among them Tony Cherchi and Carlos Pavón.

Another big name out is the analyst Jesús Bracamontes. El Profe Braca announced his exit in the past final between Atlas and Pachuca and, after that, had an emotional farewell in the show "Linea de 4." His departure, though, was salted and peppered with the fact he – at 70 – was retiring from TV.

"20 years at Univision left a footprint on me. It's time for a change. Thank you so much for your signs of affection," he said.

Yep, no more Ramírez-Bracamontes duo. No more of the heavenly funny "¡Háblame, Jesús!" (Talk to me, Jesus!) that so many enjoyed and grew with after someone scored a goal. 

And what about Lindsay Casinelli? The Venezuelan journalist left Contacto Deportivo and República Deportiva in TUDN, but it seems she will keep being a member of the Univision family, just not in sports. 

Reports are saying that there could be more exits in the following weeks. The company offered several people the chance to move from Miami to Ciudad de México, and now it's waiting for their decision.

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