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Bring Mo Salah To Life With This Amazing Augmented Reality Experience From adidas

Mo Salah and the adidas X will leap out of your screen with this Snapchat experience and the fastest boots on this side of the Nile.

“Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Running down the wing, Salah la-la-la la-ahh; The Egyptian king!”

Or better yet: He’s running down your screen.

Mohamed Salah, one of world soccer’s most exciting players, is as prolific as he is fast. He darts down the wing, cuts inside and scores before most players can tie their shoes.

Now his speed is making the leap to augmented reality, almost literally jumping off your screen to show off his secret weapon: the adidas X.

The new adidas X, a boot designed to accentuate speed and help you leave opponents in the dust, is coming to life through a new Snapchat experience. Below is a step-by-step guide to bringing Mo Salah to life via the Snapchat app, and when you’re done dodging a shot from the Egyptian king, you can check out the X19 in real life at

(Note: You’ll need two screens to check this out, preferably a phone and a laptop or tablet. But if you've got a friend with another phone, that works too.)





How To Bring Mo Salah To Life In Your Phone With The adidas X

1. Open Snapchat

If you don’t already have Snapchat (and really, who doesn’t have Snapchat?), download it, open the app and make sure it’s up to date. 

2. Snap the code below

Once Snapchat is open, snap the code below to unlock the adidas X lens for 48 hours.

adidas X Snapchat lens

3. Aim your camera at the graphic below and watch Salah come to life

With the X lens activated, aim your phone’s camera at the augmented reality graphic from adidas below – and don’t freak out when Salah jumps out of your screen.

Adidas X

(Click on image for full-screen version.)

Once Salah has left you in the dust, you’ll want to check out the X in non-augmented reality. So head on over to to shop for the sparkling new X19 Hard Wired pack from adidas. Or, visit one of soccerloco’s five Southern California stores in-person to see a life-size version of the augmented reality Mo Salah.