Serie A Gifts Us A Highlight Reel Of Maradona’s Best Napoli Moments

It’s been over four months since we first caught wind of the Diego Maradona documentary that debuted in select cinemas worldwide back in June. Unfortunately, since America can be quite trash in the ways of appreciating soccer, the film hasn't been available to watch stateside. That’s all going to change on October 1.

It’s Been Exactly 15 Years To The Day Since Zlatan Made The World Take Notice

As an American, it’s only natural that you’ll go through life encountering people that aren’t soccer fans. I’ve found — time after time — that the greatest bridge over that divide is Zlatan Ibrahimović. Introducing the big Swede’s personality to the uninitiated turns ambivalence into interest, and showing the Galaxy striker’s most famous goals turns interest into “holy shit, that’s incredible!” 

Zinedine Zidane Plays 5-A-Side With Amateurs, Scores Preposterously Good Goal

Get Zinedine Zidane out on the pitch with normal footballers and it immediately becomes clear that he is not a normal man. The 47-year-old has that je ne sais quoi of a genius, and it's impossible for him to hold back — his every touch is a work of art.