Bayern 17-Year-Old Made Fifth-Tier Opponent Look Like, Well, Amateurs

Bayern Munich opened the defense of its DFB Pokal crown on Thursday against FC Düren. For those keeping track at home, Düren is in Germany’s fifth tier, so the final score of 3-0 Bayern wasn’t unexpected, but honestly slightly flattered the title holders. 

Bayern’s win wasn’t really ever in doubt, but Düren held its own — the players can go home proud of the fact they fared better against the European champions than Barcelona

Did Dest Really Blow It On The Juggling Portion Of His Barcelona Unveiling?

There is no better evaluation of a player’s talent than how he juggles the ball in an empty stadium upon his unveiling at a new club — we’ve already proven this to be infallible. So, was Sergiño Dest juggling upon his Barcelona introduction really as bad as the internet wants you to think? Is the American teenager a fraud?