The Stars Are Aligning For An England World Cup Victory

Historians call the Swinging Sixties the decade that shook Britain. England and its commonwealth had only just begun a greater recovery period after a post-WWII world, the nation’s youth was a rejuvenated generation of a high-spirited character and British rock was redefining music in a way never before seen in history. 

All the conditions were met for a recently Blitzkrieged nation to thrive once again — and the very same stars were aligned in the world of the beautiful game. 

Why Is Seven Nation Army A Soccer Chant?

The story of why is Seven Nation Army a soccer chant began, as most great stories do: in a bar, before a soccer match. But what makes Seven Nation Army such a unique force in soccer culture is not its small-time origin story or even its catchy riff — it’s the ability for people around the world, regardless of language or background, to meld as one in a unique chorus.

The Biggest Chokers At The Group Stage Of The World Cup In The Last Decade

If you didn’t hear about Argentina’s result Thursday, well, they lost. Badly. 3-0 to be precise. Croatia played them off the pitch, with Argentina’s manager Jorge Sampaoli almost sprinting back to the dressing room to escape everything and everyone, realizing his team could become one of the biggest World Cup chokers of all time.

Argentina now needs to defeat Nigeria if it wants any chance of making it out of the group stage. If they don't, they could join some pretty big teams who have flunked out of the World Cup much earlier than they would have liked. 

What Failed Invasions Of Russia Tell Us About The 2018 World Cup Campaign

The World Cup will be held in Russia for the first time ever this coming month. Four World Cup participants in particular will be quite pleased the tournament is scheduled for summer, because all good historians know it’s impossible to conquer Russia in winter (unless you are the Mongols, who didn't qualify). Germany, France, Sweden and Poland have all failed invasions of Russia in their past, so they’ll hope history doesn’t repeat itself when July rolls around.

Famous World Cup Footballers And Where They Are Now

Who is the greatest soccer player of all time? A question as difficult to answer as who is the greatest president, scientist, inventor, composer, actor, writer, poet, painter, musician or comedian, a near impossibility to narrow it down to just one human being amongst that elite few that we recognize as not just “great,” but “the greatest.”