The Curious Case Of An Ecuadorian Phenom Who’s The Namesake Of A French World Cup Hero

Mbappé. Pogba. Griezmann. Giroud.

These are just some of the players who starred for France during its most recent World Cup victory, and they are now household names around the globe.

Bring Back The Legendary MLS All-Star Weekend Of The Early 2000s

Ah, the beginning of the millennium — a time of Sum 41, camo pants and Hit Clips. Some of the hot trends of the early 2000s we long for again, others are better left in the past. Make no mistake, the earliest kind of MLS All-Star Weekend absolutely belongs in the first category. 

How Many Players On A Soccer Field: A History

Soccer has a pretty extensive history, dating back to the original rules cobbled together in 1863. One would expect the basics to have always been the same, but the rule on how many players on a soccer field at any given time hasn’t always been set in stone.

Who Invented Soccer? We Explore The Roots Of The Beautiful Game

Who invented soccer or football or — the more diplomatic approach — association football (soccer for short)? It’s a history lesson that’s often summed up or bastardized with a simple answer: England invented it.

The Return Of Belfast Celtic

The north of Ireland has been the epicenter of a religious struggle between Protestants and Catholics for centuries.

FIFA Men's World Cup Winners Ranked From Worst To Best

You know when you’re a young child growing up and your teachers at school or church tell you everyone was created equally and should be respected as such? Well that’s BS when it comes to World Cup winners. 

FIFA has put on 21 World Cups dating back to 1930. In them we’ve had deserving World Cup winners like Brazil in 1970 and Spain in 2010 and some underdog World Cup winners like Uruguay in 1950 or West Germany in 1954. 

Forget Who Actually Won. Here's Who Really Deserved To Win Every World Cup

It happens all the time in American college football — a school or organization retroactively decides a national championship decades after the season has completed. For decades college football didn’t have a tournament to decide the best team, so everyone made their own judgements, from current powerhouses to wannabe powerhouses.

World Cup Final Records To Impress Your Friends With, Including One That Can Never Be Broken

This is the match every boy and girl dreams of playing in one day. The match where legends are created. The match that determines the champion of the world. The final of the most magnificent sporting event on the planet will be played for the 21st time on Sunday at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. So what better time than now to look at some of the most incredible World Cup final records?