Quarantine Fits: The Best Vintage Soccer Jerseys To Do Nothing In

WARNING: Classic Football Shirts is really fun to browse but you will go broke. 

Before Puma decided that when it came to Per Mertesacker’s body, nothing should be left to the imagination, jerseys were essentially built for quarantine. Forsaking the modern urban fit for that of a parachute, these were shirts that you could grow into for years and years and years — perfect for the figure you’ve achieved over the last two months.  

Patrice Evra Reveals Full Extent Of Fallout From Luis Suárez Racial Abuse

Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra discussed one of the hardest moments of his career on his former club’s latest podcast. On Monday, Evra recounted his 2011 encounter with former Liverpool striker Luis Suárez, giving more details on when the Uruguayan racially abused him during a Premier League match.

Barcelona’s Miracle Comeback Still Haunts Former PSG Manager Unai Emery

One of my most unpopular opinions is that PSG’s 4-0 victory over Barcelona in the first leg of their 2016-17 Champions League Round of 16 tie was more impressive than La Remontada. In the face of what happened at the Camp Nou, everyone forgets just how devastating PSG was three weeks prior at the Parc des Princes.

Jose Mourinho Reveals The Only Match That Ever Made Him Cry

Jose Mourinho has done it all throughout his illustrious career. He’s won eight league titles across Portugal, England, Spain and Italy, won the Champions League with Porto and Inter Milan and even helped underdog Manchester United win the Europa League. But only one match ever made Jose Mourinho cry.

Raul Jimenez To Real Madrid Rumors? Let’s Roll Out The Hugol Highlights

If you believe all of the Raul Jimenez transfer rumors, you’d be convinced the Mexican international is headed to Barcelona and then Real Madrid and for good measure back to England to play for Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal.

Of course, these are all rumors, likely entirely baseless because what else are tabloid reporters supposed to write about at a time like this?

But Jimenez did respond to a couple of the rumors to ESPN Deportes this week. 

Germany Vs. Italy, 2006 World Cup: The Match That Sparked A Baby Boom

When the 2006 World Cup was over, eight of The Guardian’s 12 correspondents in Germany named it the match of the tournament. That sentiment has lasted 14 years as a recent poll on FIFA’s Twitter — with nearly 45K votes cast — declared it the one game from the 2006 competition that fans wanted to rewatch most. 

And all this fervent nostalgia for a match that remained 0-0 over the course of the first 118 minutes of action in Dortmund.

Balotelli Did Nothing Wrong During Infamous Back-Heel Vs. LA Galaxy

ESPN FC’s Twitter account has stirred up the pot and brought back a hilariously iconic moment in football. Nine years ago, in a friendly match between the LA Galaxy and Manchester City, Mario Balotelli committed what some would call a “heinous” and “disrespectful” act when his back-heel shot missed terribly. The Balotelli back-heel vs. LA Galaxy deserves to have the record set straight.

The man is innocent.

For starters let’s re-watch the glorious moment of pure skill and genius from the Italian.

Six Years Later: The Best Things To Come From Steven Gerrard's Slip

If you're close to or know anyone who's a Liverpool fan, please check in on them as April 27 is a traumatic calendar date.

Six years ago today, the Reds were in prime position to win the Premier League for the first time in 24 years. With three games left, Liverpool had it in the bag. The final big test was hosting Chelsea at Anfield, where Liverpool had been unstoppable.

Then came the moment that Reds fans suppress as much as possible: the Steven Gerrard slip.

Cristiano Ronaldo Was An Absolute Menace At 17

At the turn of the century, Sporting Lisbon was home to three of the most exciting teenage prospects Europe had ever seen. 

The 2001-02 campaign saw Sporting capture its 18th Primeira Liga title (a number they haven’t added to since) and the Taça de Portugal. Two of the three aforementioned prodigies played massive roles in that campaign: the 17-year-old duo of Ricardo Quaresma and Hugo Viana.