Top 5 Soccer Apps Every Baller Needs To Train Smarter

There are thousands of apps in the App Store and it can be difficult to find the best apps to help you remain on top of your game. As easy as it was to find Instagram, Facebook or to download TikTok, it can be that easy to find an app that will help you train, communicate with your team and overall assist you with your game. 

Here are just a few apps that can help level up your game:

5 Best Soccer Apps

1. Dribble Up

Robot Camera Ruins Soccer Match

A robot camera just ruined a soccer match in Scotland. The camera uses artificial intelligence to track the soccer ball throughout the match. But in a recent fixture between Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Ayr United the camera kept getting confused by the linesman's bald head. Since fans were not allowed in the stadium the only way to watch the match was the televised broadcast. However, for a good chunk of the time, all the viewers could watch was the linesman running up and down the sideline. The home club (Thistle) recently switched from human camera operators to the new A.I.

The 3-Step Process To Make Your Funny FIFA 21 Clips Go Viral

Funny FIFA 21 clips are one of the few things that will get me across the god-forsaken finish line of 2020.

Every young FIFA player has dreamed of becoming a famous FIFA player via YouTube, Twitch, etc., but only the tiniest sliver of players actually make it big and become celebrities of the video game. I can’t guarantee you stardom, otherwise I would already be doing that. What I can offer is an easy three-step guide to get as many people as possible to view your funny FIFA 21 clips.

Watching Players Struggle To Kick Field Goals Is The Best New TikTok Trend

Soccer players kicking field goals should be a no-brainer. I firmly believe that becoming a kicker in the NFL is a viable back-up career for soccer players that retire or don’t make the cut. Look at Cairo Santos — he was born in Brazil and initially wanted to become a soccer player. That dream died and then boom, he transferred his abilities to American football and will now make $1 million this season kicking for the Chicago Bears.

A Data-Driven FPL Journey With Grantchester United — Teaching A Computer To Fill Out My Fantasy Team

Fantasy Premier League is kind of a big deal here at The18. Friendships are strained over trash talk and sometimes it seems like people put more effort into perfecting each week’s lineup than their day-to-day duties. 

When I joined The18 this year I had plenty of soccer knowledge but knew nothing about the arbitrary rules of Fantasy Premier League. But I had an idea: using the latest in data science and machine learning to derive the best possible fantasy team to conquer The18’s FPL league.

This Has To Be The Fastest VAR Review Of All Time

Last night’s 1-1 draw between Portland and San Jose may have set the record for the fastest VAR review we’ve ever seen.

With San Jose trailing, Valeri Qazaishvili played a delightful one-two with Chris Wondolowski before rounding keeper Steve Clark and sending the ball toward the back of the net. Timbers center back Dario Zuparic heroically swept in to kick the ball away, but was it before the whole ball crossed the whole line?

The Ins And Outs Of Champions League Fake Crowd Noise Without Yelling My Opinion

The18 has made its opinion on fake crowd noise extremely clear and there's no need to reiterate how we feel. Instead, the goal this time is to take a closer look at how the Champions League fake crowd noise functions. This article will look at where the sounds come from, who controls them and other frequently asked questions revolving around the spooky invisible fans jeering footballers.