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Andrea Pirlo's Footballing Thesis Reminds Us Why He's One Of The Modern Game's Great Minds

From the man that gave us the famous quote "After the wheel, the PlayStation is the best invention of all time," comes the next great innovation in football.

That's right — the thesis written by the elegantly-coiffed, free-kick artist that is Andrea Pirlo is now available in English.

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I Found The Secret To Being Unstoppable In FIFA Seasons Online

Tired of having to face an Ultimate Team on FIFA stacked with players like Messi and Ronaldo while you’re toying around with an average gold team? Or perhaps you’re a FIFA beginner and don’t want to hassle with making an Ultimate Team. No matter the case, I've unlocked the secret to instant glory with the best team to use for FIFA Seasons.

Let's Check In On The Premier League's Promoted Sides

The English Premier League is set to return June 17 and there's still a great deal to play for at both ends of the table.

The EPL's three promoted sides — Sheffield United, Norwich City and Aston Villa — find themselves at each end of the standings. The Blades are remarkably eyeing a spot in Europe, while Norwich and Villa are fighting for EPL survival.

These teams provide three unique models on how to avoid relegation. Each club took a distinct approach last summer to transfer spending and squad retainment as they hoped to achieve Premier League sucess.

Best Drills To Improve Shooting

There are only minutes left in the game and your team is trailing by one goal. A loss for your team would mean elimination. Your team is building an attack and is in the final third of the opponent’s territory. You halt your run at the top of the 18-yard box, unmarked. A teammate seeks you out and slips the ball to your feet. Will you get a shot on target and save your team? Or will the ball fly 20 yards over the crossbar because you haven’t practiced your shooting? Hopefully you utilized these best soccer shooting drills.