David Beckham’s Son Doubted Himself On The Field. So Beckham Used This Advice To Inspire Belief.

If you haven’t watched a single minute of soccer in your life, you still know who David Beckham is – even if you don't know who David Beckham's son is. That’s the status he has raised himself to, and it was his career in soccer that allowed him to reach it.

Messi Regains Status As The Most Humble Superstar In The Game

Barcelona won the UEFA Super Cup Tuesday and Messi was the star with two free kick goals. His immense talent was on display, and one lunatic is claiming Messi's goals were due to luck. That lunatic is Lionel Messi.

"I've just been lucky enough to score those and I'm very happy the team won and very grateful to everyone for their support and such a warm welcome," Messi said after the game.