Introducing The Most Advanced Training Simulator In The World

For those who don’t play soccer but have played FIFA, you know about all the little training exercises that clubs use to brush up on their skills. Well, Portuguese club Benfica have introduced a new state-of-the-art technological training room that blurs the lines between video games and reality. 

Bayern Munich Uses This Crazy Drill To Improve Finesse And Accuracy

Dubbed “‘Bucket Ball” (at least, by the Bayern YouTube account), this training drill is as wild and wacky a way to hone a player’s skills as The18 has ever seen. 

The level of technical quality needed to successfully complete a circuit of this drill is matched only by the childish inspiration that it took to create it.  Pep Guardiola is no stranger to finding new and creative ways to manage his team, but this might take the top spot in the ever growing list of “Reasons We Want To Work With Pep Guardiola."

Push Pass

The push pass is an essential skill used by all players for short and medium passing. Before it gets used, it is key to assess the game situation so you can determine how hard or soft you want to pass to be. Then plant your foot while keeping you ankle locked and heel down, and push the ball to a teammate smoothly and fluidly. When you shape the push pass to the specific foot of a player, it can be highly effective anywhere on the field.

Outside Of Foot Pass

You can use this pass to curl and shape the ball around defenders, allowing you to reach teammates in tight spots down the field. The variable spin you will put on the ball makes it difficult for the defender to anticipate and intercept. You'll keep your toe down and slightly inward in order to create just the right amount of spin on the ball for the situation you are in. Speedsters like Gareth Bale will also use this technique to curl the ball around a defender and make a break for the goal. Check it out here.

Instep Driven Ball

This instep drive is really effective for quick delivery of the ball to a teammate—especially if you're a defender or midfielder. It works whether you’re kicking the ball hard along the ground or slightly up in the air. For the drive itself, you need to keep your toe down, ankle locked, and strike with the laces of your kicking foot in order to maximize power. Having a small back swing and low follow through is key to success. You can also elevate the quality of your pass by making sure your technique is super smooth.

Behind Foot Flick

It’s easy to gain an offensive edge with a behind the foot flick technique that’s all about taking the defense by surprise. Use this skill ideally when your back is in the direction where you want to go. Start by letting the ball roll past your plant leg before receiving it, and then flick it to another player at the last possible moment. The longer you wait, the more surprised a defender will be so patience really is key. You can also add some extra flair to the deception of those unsuspecting defenders by looking in the opposite direction as you flick.