Justin Bieber Escapes From His Box And Scares The Hell Out Of David Beckham

Fresh off watching his Inter Miami franchise lose its inaugural match to LAFC at Banc of California Stadium back on March 1, the legend that is David Beckham made an appearance on Ellen to chat about his wife, kids, club ownership and the time he went trick-or-treating at Justin Bieber’s house.

Player Throws Spare Ball For Greatest Tactical Foul We’ve Ever Seen

It’s a tactic that’s frequently implemented during elementary school recess, but its application at the professional level is far less pronounced: After a quick throw-in during a match in Romania between Makedonija Gjorce Petrov and Akademija Pandev, a defender chased after play with a spare ball in his hands before throwing it at the feet of the attacking player and knocking the live ball away. 

Women’s Footballer Bashes Dislocated Kneecap Back Into Place, Plays On Like A Boss

Sadly, there still exists a population of humans who dismiss women’s football as being lesser than the men’s game. For all those numskulls in that camp, let us present Jane O’Toole.

The captain of St. Mirren WFC showed more toughness in a single Scottish Women’s Championship Cup than most men’s footballers will show in an entire season on Sunday against Inverness Caledonian Thistle. 

Worst PK Shootout Ever? Iniesta’s Kobe Wins Cup Final After Nine Straight Misses

Vissel Kobe and Yokohama F Marinos combined for one of the worst PK shootout performances you’ll ever see on Saturday. With the Japanese Super Cup on the line, the two clubs combined to miss nine straight penalties before Andres Iniesta’s Kobe eventually prevailed 3-2.

After regulation ended 3-3, the Super Cup match went straight to a shootout, which began innocuously enough. Both sides converted their first two attempts, including a smoothly taken shot from Iniesta, the former Barcelona star. 

We Can’t Wait To See This Documentary About The Underground World Of Pro Foosball

At the office of The18, we take our foosball pretty seriously. Although the incessant banging of ball against High Pressure Laminate walls isn’t conducive to maintaining a train of thought (don’t blame me for all the nonsense I write), the call of the 2-5-3 formation is too strong to ignore. For some, that call has turned into an obsession — these are the professional foosballers among us.

Schalke Keeper Obliterates Opponent With Violent Flying Kick To Chest

Last week, Manuel Neuer provided another example of his unique ability to excel outside of the box. While others attempt to emulate his brazen style of play, few can replicate his skill as a sweeper keeper. Schalke’s goalie, for one, provided an example of how not to play sweeper keeper, resulting in a deserved Alexander Nübel red card for one of the most violent tackles you’ll ever see on the pitch.