Luis Suarez

Thiago Messi Hilarity Causes Dad And Luis Suarez To Lose It During Golden Shoe Ceremony

Five-year-old Thiago Messi is obviously too young to understand that there’s nothing more serious than a football awards gala. That’s why FIFA and UEFA spend hours patting themselves on the back while dragging out an exercise that should really only take roughly 10-15 minutes. It’s a place for old men in expensive suits to enjoy upper, upper class high society, not general mirth.

Hablaliga: The Biggest Disappointments in La Liga This Year

Every week The18's Giselle Cesín covers a topic about La Liga. This week we’re going over the 10 players who have disappointed the most tso far. Not the worst players. The most disappointing players. There is a difference. Please don't yell at us in the comments.

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1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The misfiring Ronaldo is converting fewer chances than any goalscorer in Europe. But he just became a father again, so maybe that will give him a boost?

Argentina, Uruguay Show Shocking Lack Of Desire To Score In World Cup Qualifying

Before Argentina and Uruguay kicked off Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez joined together in makeshift jerseys combining to display 2030, the year the two nations would like to co-host the World Cup. The two countries then played some brother-in-law offense as they scrapped to a 0-0 draw in CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying on Thursday evening in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The One Thing That Cristiano Ronaldo Will Never Be Better At Than Luis Suarez

Cristiano Ronaldo is an incredible footballer, blessed with size, speed, strength, foot skiils and awareness that would be the envy of pretty much anyone. Luis Suarez is also blessed in all these categories, just not as much as Ronaldo.

There is one skill, though, in which Ronaldo will never match Suarez's unbelievable talent: acting.

Ronaldo and Suarez each attempted dives during Sunday's Spanish Super Copa first leg. Suarez won a penalty (which Lionel Messi converted), but Ronaldo was given his second yellow card and dismissed from the match.

So what went wrong?

Let's Just Replace Commentators With The Titanic Music Whenever Barcelona Plays

This weekend, Barcelona began their season with a 3-1 steamrolling at the hands of Real Madrid. The first goal came at the hands of Barcelona center back Gerard Pique, who hates Real Madrid with the fiery white-hot passion of a thousand suns and was none too pleased about putting the ball into his own net so Madrid didn't have to.

To accentuate Pique's sadness, some intrepid Internet person set Pique's Blunder to the saddest song in popular culture, courtesy of Celine Dion.