Pele Goals: Watch The Best Of Them And Find Out Just How Many He Scored

Pele is a legend, the first player to be known around the world as the greatest to ever live. His status as the greatest of all time is up for debate today, but there is no denying his accomplishments.

So, if you call yourself a soccer fan, then you better know who he is. If you aren’t a soccer fan and you find yourself reading these words, then congratulations you are about to see a snapshot of what this guy was all about: goals. 

The New FIFA 16 Trailer Is Out And Pele Narrated It

The new FIFA 16 trailer is out, and it features a very special narrator: Pele. Pele, for those of you who don't know (and maybe found this site by accident, since it's all about soccer?) is the best player of all time. 

Pele muses about the beauty of the beautiful game, and we get some shots of FIFA gameplay showing that beauty, like Messi scoring an amazing goal and Diego Costa getting into a shoving match with Jordan Henderson.

Will the real FIFA 16 be filled with as much beauty as this trailer? Only Pele knows.