Matthew McConaughey Drops Wisdom And Humor During Men In Blazers Interview

Matthew McConaughey, famed for his portrayal of Vilmer Slaughter in the 1995 American slasher film Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, took on a different role Wednesday as he appeared on The Men in Blazers show to discuss soccer and his work as co-owner of Austin FC.

We Can’t Wait To See This Documentary About The Underground World Of Pro Foosball

At the office of The18, we take our foosball pretty seriously. Although the incessant banging of ball against High Pressure Laminate walls isn’t conducive to maintaining a train of thought (don’t blame me for all the nonsense I write), the call of the 2-5-3 formation is too strong to ignore. For some, that call has turned into an obsession — these are the professional foosballers among us.

Virgil Van Dijk Gets Blasted By 8-Year-Old But Gives Right Back To Another

Hailed as one of the best defenders in the world right now, Virgil van Dijk is also one of the more likable figures in world soccer. Just don’t tell that to the poor 8-year-old Everton fan he teased in a recent sit-down with some Liverpool U-8 players.

LFC’s stellar social media department released a YouTube video of VVD taking questions from Liverpool youth players in a mostly adorable segment. 

Van Dijk answered questions like “Do you pick your nose?” and “Who smells the most in the team?” in a delightful 6:46 video (embedded above). 

Bayern Basketball Star Looks Exactly Like Zlatan, Leading To Hilarity In Miami

You probably know by now, but the man in the above video is not LA Galaxy striker Zlatan Ibrahimović — it's Bayern Munich swingman Nihad Đedović. But Đedović is, without a doubt, Zlatan’s basketball-playing doppelgänger.

Đedović is one inch taller than Zlatan, but he’s got the same professional athlete physique, the same flowing lion’s mane turned man bun, the Zappa beard and the nose. 

Jimmy Butler Answers 27 Rapid Questions While Attending Barcelona Match At The Camp Nou

Jimmy Butler was never really in contention for the United States squad at the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. He played his part in helping Team USA to gold at the 2016 Olympics, and the 30-year-old must now adjust to life in Miami after being traded by Philadelphia. So you can’t really blame him for missing out on America’s shambolic seventh-place showing and going to Barcelona instead.

Man Saves Woman From Errant Free Kick With A Towering Header

Yesterday, Dag & Red visited York Road, the home of Maidenhead United in the fifth tier of English football, and recorded a 1-0 victory over the home side. If Maidenhead is now looking for answers to shore up its defense, they could do worse than sign this guy from the crowd. 

Harnessing his inner Virgil van Diijk, this siege tower of a lad outmuscled his marker (presumably his girlfriend), timed his jump to perfection and planted a remarkable headed clearance back towards the pitch — all while wearing a beanie.