18 Of The Best Ray Hudson Calls Brought To Life

Ray Hudson's Best Calls


17. “Showing him this much space is like handing the keys to the blood bank to Dracula.”


16. “Defenders try to follow him on Facebook and he comes out on Twitter, that’s how evasive he is.”


15. “As electrifying as a hairdryer thrown into a hot tub, my friend.”

14. “He could shave a mouse in his sleep and not disturb her.”


Neymar Had A Really Good Reason For Missing Mbappé Win All The Ligue 1 Awards (It Wasn’t The Game Of Thrones Finale)

Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappé was awarded the National Union Of Professional Footballers’ Ligue 1 Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year awards at an event on Sunday night.

His PSG strike partner Neymar was nowhere to be found, despite being in Paris.

But the Brazilian had a really good reason to miss out on the award ceremony, and it had nothing to do with the Game of Thrones finale. 

Matthijs De Ligt Catches Beer Thrown At Amsterdam Mayor During Raucous Title Celebrations

Ajax celebrated yet another Eredivisie title on Thursday, a day after clinching its first league trophy since 2014.

It capped a remarkable season for the legendary Dutch side, including a trip to the Champions League semifinals and within a whisker of reaching the final.

Ajax edged PSV Eindhoven for the title on the final day, doing so in style in a sweet new away kit on Wednesday. 

Wow-lverhampton Concludes Surprise Of The Season Finishing Seventh

With the 2018-19 English Premier League season adjourning, Wolverhampton has officially stunned the EPL, finishing one of the greatest seasons by a promoted team.

The Wolves finished 16-9-13 with 16 points coming against England’s top six.

The team also finished with a +1 goal differential. The team’s goals conceded mark of 46 is an impressive mark ranking them 5th in the league. But the offense needs a spark with a ranking of 14th in goals scored.

Chelsea Fans Still Can't Believe They Finished Third

It was a fascinating English Premier League season. The title race between Liverpool and Manchester City went all the way to "Championship Sunday." Both were incredibly talented sides who had incredible seasons. But automatic qualification for a Champions League spot by finishing in the top four was more of a story of teams dropping points than collecting them.

Ronaldo Mocks Roma Captain’s Height; Roma Captain Scores Game-Winning Goal

Roma defeated Serie A champion-elect Juventus 2-0 at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday to keep its hopes of a spot in next season’s Champions League alive. Juventus has already secured an eighth straight Scudetto, but the Old Lady is now winless in its last three matches. 

Chicharito’s New Hair Is Dangerously Cheesy

Javier Hernandez has gone through his share of hairstyles. The latest Chicharito hair color has to be the best. 

Hernandez made a bizarre post on Instagram on Friday night, less than 48 hours before West Ham’s season-finale against Watford. Sporting a surprised look and a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos, Chicharito debuted a bright orange hairdo.

Vincent Kompany Had His Michael Scott Moment Yesterday

Everything and everyone contrived against Vincent Kompany scoring the winner with a 30-yard bomb against Leicester City on Monday night. First off, the man’s own muscles, which have contrived to deprive him of less than 20 league starts in each of the last four campaigns. Monday marked his 12th appearance in an EPL starting 11 this term.

Messi Gives Wry Smile After Embellishment Following Mean Shove From Milner

Liverpool spent a lot of the first half against Barcelona chasing Lionel Messi’s backside. Fabinho will probably have nightmares of the Blaugrana No. 10 jersey always fluttering just out of his reach. 

But when James Milner finally caught up to Messi at one point after the ball had gone out of bounds, he knocked the Argentine on his backside. 

What ensued was a wild embellishment from Messi, who isn’t usually prone to such antics. He followed that with a cheeky smile. 

Fair or foul?