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Christian Eriksen Goal For Tottenham

This Christen Eriksen goal for Tottenham is what Spurs fans were expecting from the Denmark international this season. The lad has had a slow start in the Premier League, but his two goal performance this weekend may be a sign for what's to come from the 23-year-old. Sitting in the middle of the tabe and coming off a 4-1 shalacking of first place Chelsea, Tottenham looked to steal three points from a solid Swansea team who hasn't won since their 2-1 victory over Manchester United back in August.

Wesley Sneijder Is A Legend That Half The World Doesn’t Know

AC Siena was beating Internazionale Milan 3-2 in 2010. Inter would go on to win the treble that year; beating Barcelona along the way with one of the most classic “Mourinho parks the bus” defensive efforts of all time. Siena, on the other hand, would be relegated. An upset was on hand, but Wesley Sneijder was yet to have his final say.