Hellas Verona Training Session Features The Greatest Rabona Goal Ever Scored

The rabona method of kicking the ball hardly ever results in anything other than a change of possession. While many ridiculously talented players have successfully performed a rabona in competition, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Arjen Robben, it’s extremely rare that the method leads to anything apart from a largely ineffective attempt at crossing the ball.

More than being an effective striking method, it’s generally utilized as a demonstration of personal ability and tekkers.

Lamela Is Pretty Good At Soccer

LAMELA! OH THAT IS BRILLIANT!! And brilliant it was. A gentle yet powerful left footed curler added to the beating as Tottenham demolished Inter Milan. Look for Lamela to assist Harry Kane in this season for Tottenham as they attempt to snatch the title that they couldn't quite grab last year. A 6-1 beating of Inter Milan was another step for Tottenham as they look to get things started the right way on August 13th against Everton at Goodison Park. This second goal for Tottenham was a sumptuous finish courtesy of Erik Lamela. Fantastic finish and placement.

Bonaventura Snipes A Free Kick From Distance

A pretty one sided affair Wednesday evening in the state of Minnesota at the US Bank Stadium as Chelsea defeated AC Milan 3-1 to end their US Tour. However, that did not stop Giacomo Bonaventura from wowing a few Americans with his brilliance from distance. A 38th minute free kick sent the US Bank stadium rocking after he bent a ball up and over the wall to even the game at 1-1. Some may say he is even more accurate than Blair Walsh..... too soon? Nevertheless, it is always exciting seeing screaming, spinning free kicks find the back of the net. Cheers mate, great goal. Ring the bell!

New Team = Same Zlatan

Maybe there is a new God of Manchester. With continued efforts such as these from Zlatan, a god he will be. BUT CRIKEY MATE! WHAT A FINISH! Are you serious, 3 minutes into his Man U debut, who else could pull off a stunt like that. The King of Sweeden started off his English debut in stunning fashion. An incoming ball from Valencia was chopped by Ibrahimovic and bounced into the top corner. Brillaint, elite and classy. Man this EPL season is going to fun isn't it eh?? The King needs a new crown!

Giovinco And Endoh's Back Combine For A Spectacular Finish

Sebastian Giovinco has been nothing short of spectacular in his days with in the MLS. The 29 year old Italian continues to wow and amaze US fans with gorgeous goals and assists for Toronto FC. After leaving Juventus to join the MLS in 2015, he has scored 34 goals in 53 appearances while also making himself a spot on the 2016 MLS All Star Team. Although his goal was taken away from him in the 8th minute after it took a ride off of Endoh's back; it was a beautiful goal that seems to be a reoccurrence for the Italian native.