5 Activities Average Americans Are Definitely Better At Than Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a freak of nature whose abs could harness the power of Medusa and turn people to stone. He’s a fitness and fashion icon, debated G.O.A.T of the world’s most popular sport and has a past girlfriends depth chart for the ages. What is Ronaldo bad at? Is there anything us mortals could outperform the Portuguese god in?

Arjen Robben Is Football's Most Prolific Cyclist

Arjen Robben's trademark is probably his lethal left-footed finishes — most notably the curling far-post strikes he's converted so many times after cutting in from the right wing. But the former Bayern Munich winger might become renowned in the footballing world for his method of transportation to first team matches.

The Dutch legend arrived at FC Groningen's Eredivisie match against FC Utrecht on Sunday via a pair of wheels that many footballers are unaccustomed to.

Perception Of ‘Cute White Girls’ Key For USWNT Popularity, Says WNBA Legend Sue Bird

Seattle Storm's Sue Bird believes women's soccer players in the United States are more widely supported than their counterparts in the WNBA because of the public perception of them as "cute little white girls."

Point guard Bird, who won her fourth WNBA title this month, said in an interview with CNN that elite basketball players were more quickly judged by people based on their appearance.

Please Inject Son Heung-Min Squealing Like A Kid After Draining Basketball Shot Into My Veins

Son Heung-min’s confidence is firing on all cylinders right now. After putting four goals past Southampton, the Spurs forward is now shifting focus to basketball. At the start of Tottenham’s training, Son spotted a basketball hoop and decided that he is a multi-sport athlete.

Come for the shot. Stay for Son’s reaction to making it.

Jill Ellis And José Mourinho Star In New Netflix Documentary ‘The Playbook’

Haven’t gotten enough of José Mourinho over the past 20 years or through All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur? Well he’s forcing his way onto your TV screen again through the medium of a new Netflix documentary titled The Playbook, which releases globally on Tuesday, Sept. 22.

The Ball Is Round, And Other Intriguing Parallels Between The Premier League And The NBA

With the NBA nearing the climax of its drawn-out season and the Premier League campaign just beginning, I often find myself drawing parallels between the two leagues. While soccer and basketball are very contrasting sports, the NBA and the EPL have a striking number of similarities.

Both are flowing games and have seasons that extend across nearly three quarters of the year. These similarities become more obvious when you consider the coaches, players and teams in each league. Here are some of the best examples corollaries between the two leagues:

Home Cooking Leaves Constipated Feeling In Opening Weekend For EPL And NFL

There’s nothing like September in the sporting calendar. 

The crisp, serene, hazy weather of an Indian summer descends on the land. Fall coloring dashes the landscape in vivid hues of earthly life. The crack and smoke of an afternoon barbecue rolls into the flame and warmth of an evening fire pit. 

Hoodies come out. The beer grows darker. The movies and TV shows are more frightening. All good things.

EPL Viewership Is Giving The NFL A Run For Its Money In The U.S.

American football is one of the most watched sports in the United States, but domestic soccer — the world’s football — usually falls by the wayside.

Out of all the soccer leagues across the pond, the English Premier League is the most popular in the U.S., while the NFL is facing a somewhat uncertain time.

The 2019-20 season, like all things in 2020, proved to be different. Viewership for both of these professional leagues was turned on its head. So what is the average EPL vs. NFL viewership?